The Truman Capote Talk Show

Richard Jordan Productions in association with Assembly Festival
Assembly Rooms

The Truman Capote Talk Show

As Bob Kingdom slouches in his chair, like a heap of well-made clothes that seems barely bothered to have turned up, it's apparent that his transformation into Truman Capote is complete. The dry wit and slyly self-aggrandising charm is all there, bound in a world weariness that seems to seep from his very bones.

Capote is taking an hour or so to tell us about his life from beyond the grave, musing on his difficult upbringing, his overt sexuality and his crippling insecurites and obsessions over perfectionism.

It's a wholly immersing experience, however it does begin to drag after a while. As the "me me me"-ism of Capote's existence begins to bore, Kingdom does surprise the audience by unexpectedly leaping from the seat towards the end, then continues as before from standing.

It's perhaps the nature of Capote himself, that after a while, the personality and the stories begin to feel oppressive. That said, it's an endearing performance and a grand treat for those who are devotees of the man himself.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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