The Visitor

121 Theatre
Hill Street

Against the background of Vienna racked by the Nazi takeover, Sigmund Freud is debating whether or not he should accept the offer of escape to Britain with his daughter on condition that he sign a paper stating that he has been well treated and has seen no sign of persecution of the Jews, even though he and everyone else knows of the activities of the Gestapo and the camps. Anna wants him to agree, as does the American embassy, but he is unsure. And then a visitor arrives, dressed in immaculate evening dress, with a twinkle in his eye and an air of amusement about him.

This is God. He must be - no one else can see him and he just appears and disappears from within the house, not through the front door. There is, however, another possibility... We never learn, however, and that is part of the conundrum.

With continuous intimidation from a Gestapo officer and persuasion from his daughter and the mysterious visitor, Freud eventually agrees to sign and leave. In between the bulk of the piece is taken up with the interplay between Freud and his visitor in dialogue which sparkls with intellectual energy.

It's a play which needs concentration but it well repays the effort, and is superbly performed.

Reviewer: Peter Lathan

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