The Wedding Reception

Interactive Theatre International
Interactive Theatre International
The George Hotel

The Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions can be fraught affairs filled with danger as families get together to celebrate the happy event.

In Interactive Theatre International’s hilarious immersive and highly interactive The Wedding Reception, the audience has been invited to the wedding of William and Kate. We are greeted by the best man, Ricky, who has opened a book on the length of the groom’s speech.

The reception is going to be a big surprise for the happy couple as they were expecting a quite intimate wedding.

Meanwhile, Martin, the wedding planner, furtively bringing in chairs and plants and is in a frenzied state trying to get everything ready.

The proud parents of the bride Lynne and Martin are beaming with pleasure and welcome us all. They are from Lancashire; Lynne has made her dress herself from a pair of old curtains and dad is taking pictures of everyone.

We are all seated at tables anticipating the arrival of William and Kate and, in true wedding reception style, we are also to have a two-course dinner.

There is lots of audience participation with the guests soon joining in the fun as organised chaos ensues.

The bride gets her hair caught in her father’s flies, the best man’s speech is a disaster and the arrival of the Posh Aunty Margery causes consternation.

To make matters worse, William’s drunken mother arrives unannounced creating uproar. There is even an appearance of grandma but I can’t spoil her entrance.

The highly talented cast, Rebecca Norris, Dave Tremaine, Katie Grace Cooper and Jack Baldwin, play multiple characters with aplomb with some amazingly quick costume changes.

It’s all highly spontaneous with clever improvisations, a witty script and perfect comedy timing.

Some of the audience are given parts to play and soon we are all like one happy family—that’s if we can stop laughing.

It all ends up with us dancing and having the party of our lives—and don’t forget the cake.

This roller-coaster ride is the perfect tonic for a wet evening in Edinburgh. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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