The World's Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Tom Crawshaw and Yaz Al-Shaater
Three's Company
Pleasance Dome (start)

Edinburgh is awash with walking tours despite the fact its also often literally awash, up and down the Royal Mile, from Old Town to New Town and through closes, courts and church yards tourists tramp. So they are definitely ripe for humour and Three's Company has a good stab at the shambolic less-than-scary shenanigans of a less-than-professional Edinburgh tour.

Cuth McWildered (Tom Crawshaw) is your guide, somewhat more interested in talking about his recent relationship problems than the history of Edinburgh. He is hindered by both a useless assistant played by a confused Scott Wilson-Besgrove and his nemesis the super smooth guide Guy Di Tour (Yaz Al-Shaater).

This sort of interactive reality theatre in which Three's Company specialise can be fun as it really gets the audience involved. However it does require the events to feel spontaneuous and not too scripted. The narrative behind the tour seems a little too obvious and unoriginal, and rather too theatrical. When it does work it feels really chaotic and the audience has no idea where it is, quite literally, going.

Crawshaw does do a great useless tour guide holding your attention with his lack of ability to hold people's attention. This has so much room to evolve over the course of the Fringe, like Auditorium, which I really enjoyed in 2008, they should definitely experiment with new people performing different characters. They also have the option of different routes, maybe even giving the audience a choice.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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