Book Alexander Wright Score Gavin Whitworth
No Shoes Theatre
C Nova

Therapy is a striking and disturbing new musical from No Shoes Theatre Company. Set inside Dr Joe Merriman’s waiting room, the audience become voyeurs to a meeting between a patient Peter and the doctor.

This therapy session is not planned and the Doctor does not want to discuss Peter’s issues. It becomes obvious that the two characters know each other. In fact it has taken Peter four years to face his trauma having suffered the loss of his child whom he feels is still riding on his shoulders.

He is desperate to let go, to be free of this burden, and he hopes that Joe will provide a solution. They both need to find closure and rebuild their lives, but their journey is rocky and many devils need to be put to rest.

This is a dark and poignant story told with impressive singing by Christopher Cowley and Adam Rhys-Davis with a moving score by Gavin Whitworth.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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