Thom Tuck Goes Straight To DVD

Thom Tuck
Turly Good
Pleasance Dome

A show about desperation: the desperation of the Disney corporation to squeeze every last penny out of its naive fans and the desperation of one young man to find a girl.

In his critique of straight to DVD Disney films, Tuck ranges from mildly chiding to completely outraged via bemused bafflement. The audience reaction is nicely done: "Has anyone seen...?" Very few have, though the audience is not without its Disney fans, who find themselves in Tuck's firing line. But Tuck is too lovable to really cause any offence, most of his criticism is directed at himself.

Tuck claims not to be a character, but with his disheveled jacket, bumbling manner and the melancholic tales of his love life there is certainly the whiff of fiction, although it is clear these elements have been inspired by the real Thom Tuck. The sad little vignettes of girls that he has known add human interest and create a much more interesting comic piece. The mix of distasteful impersonal subject with growing elements of the personal makes the show comparable to Anton Chekhov's On The Harmful Effects Of Tobacco.

Unlike his subject matter, Tuck is very entertaining, capable of creating something original and more than capable of winning over his audience whatever their age or interest in a second-rate cartoon genre.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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