Thunder Road

Catherine Dyson
RedCape Theatre
The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Cassie Friend and Catherine Dyson as Maureen and Sylvie Credit: Catherine Hadler

They may be dying on the streets of Reading but fear not, first aid fiend Maureen (Mozza to those with whom she has exchanged bodily fluids) is cruising looking for bruising and more.

With children dropping off escalators like lemmings, lethal chickpeas and drivers gorging on travel sweets, knowing what to do in an emergency is all-important—and volunteer Maureen (Cassie Friend) is armed and ready with her bottomless fanny pack, new meat option plastic vomit and wet wipes.

Recruiting ditzy Sylvie (Catherine Dyson) to ride shotgun and play a different kind of victim, Maureen is off to bring years of expertise to hard to reach areas.

Swapping bondage for bandages, leaving daily pants with when to wear Post-its for her misogynist 2D brute of a husband, Sylvie is learning fast: not to lick deep lacerations and when to sit and spit (rather than the multi-tasking—sit down and shut up—Dave prefers).

It’s not all glamour and biscuits—or secret fantasies of Busby Berkeleyesque high kicks and feathers—when a panini machine can be used to cauterise a wound and there is a cease and desist order on sternum rubs.

But an incident in a Swindon Travelodge sets the friends on an unexpected, lawless path north with the Boss blaring in the Berlingo, Lincoln off-limits due to a cabbage allergy and Papa Smurf in the wilds of Berkshire far, far behind.

Fun and feisty, RedCape’s latest is a quirky road trip through dreams and friendship, first aid tips and cowboy boots.

A very entertaining 75 minutes.

Reviewer: Karen Bussell

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