Towards the Moon

Andrew Mcgregor
One Academy Productions
C Chambers Street

Bobby Rafferty has a dream of becoming a writer and is fed up of his humdrum life in Greenock in Scotland. He loses his job and is in danger of losing his girlfriend and his best friend.

When a car hits him he goes into a coma and has an out-of-body experience where he meets an angel who offers him the opportunity to change his life forever. He chooses a path to the moon starting with darkness, isolation and finally light and a new beginning.

He becomes obsessed with writing, and when he is offered a lucrative book deal he is ecstatic but goes off track with anger and jealousy, but thanks to his friends he returns home to make peace with his past.

This heartwarming musical story about love, loss and eventually finding yourself is charming and engaging. The talented company from One Academy Productions act and sing with verve and you leave the theatre with hope in your soul.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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