Translunar Paradise

Theatre Ad Infinitum
Pleasance Dome

Translunar Paradise Credit: Alex Brenner
Translunar Paradise Credit: Alex Brenner

Since last year, the accolades and praise heaped upon Theatre Ad Infinitum across the world have not been in the least bit surprising. The touchingly true mimed story of an elderly man coping with the passing of his lifelong sweetheart is as powerful on second and third viewings as the first time.

From Kim Heron's seemingly effortless musical and percussive accompaniment throughout, to the wordless and soulful actions of Deborah Pugh and George Mann as the couple, it's an experience unlike any other.

It seems almost folly to heap any more praise on this than there already has been. Theatre Ad Infinitum has created a timeless piece of theatre that ought to be regarded as a classic in Fringe history. The greatest tragedy is that some day the run of this fabulous performance must give way to other works by the company.

See it, before it is lost in time.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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