Trevor Noah - The Racist

Trevor Noah
Mick Perrin for Just For Laughs Live and Eddie Izzard
Pleasance Courtyard

There's a very fine line in stand-up comedy between the offensive and the well-observed but distasteful. Upon heading to Trevor Noah's show The Racist, it was clear that the line was going to be straddled at many points. Thankfully Fringe newcomer Noah has enough wit, natural charm and brilliant timing to ensure that the audience knows that no harm is ever meant.

Telling the story of his experiences with racial inequality and difference, from his birth as a mixed race child under apartheid in South Africa, through his journey to America to experience being a 'Black Man', the comedy never lets up. Noah is already a masterful controller of his audience, bringing them through the moments of very real discomfort with a beguiling ease and consistently brilliant observations. Noah has real star potential and it's clear that he will have a long career in comedy ahead of him. Get to this show now.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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