Trigger Warning

Marcelo Dos Santos, Natasha Nixon
Camden People's Theatre

Daniel Hay-Gordon and Kath Duggan Credit: Harry Elletson

Trigger Warning: you might find Eurotrash playfully abstract as they gently mock the culture of applying sensitivity labels to almost anything.

In fact, half the performance of Kath Duggan and Daniel Hay-Gordon, in their bright yellow flight attendant uniforms, is taken up with calmly listing trigger warnings for the contents of a play called Hope.

There’s “rape, murder, beheadings as well as dinner parties in the Cotswolds” along with “extreme cruelty to animals… unexploded land mines.”

In case they missed anything, they give us about five minutes to read an imaginary 110-page synopsis, to the accompaniment of canned music.

It’s no wonder we get little time for the actual story of Hope, a woman who becomes a revolutionary leading migrants during a period when Jacob Rees Mogg is Prime Minister.

Only when Brexit is mentioned does the sedate pace of things suddenly change, with the performers manically moving in circles, roaring at each other till they fall over.

Trigger Warning is a stylish one-note comic exercise that will bemuse, puzzle and maybe even briefly entertain but it won’t add anything to the debate about a term that has irritated some and given important support to others.

Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

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