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One great peril of every theatre-goer to avant garde theatre is that when sitting in the front row, someone on stage may ask something of you, soak you in water or fake blood, or even occasionally put you in physical jeopardy.

However it's not every day that you find yourself confronted with a strangely painted woman groping an exaggeratedly swollen crotch asking you to "have a fiddle". In the case of Uninvited, it's all part of the absurdist take on reality which is being shown.

The plot of the play revolves around a quiet man with a fixed routine who suddenly finds another man sitting in his home, refusing to leave. From the setting, props and the three deformed curtain people who move around the stage commenting oddly on events or simply being odd, we can surmise that the play is framed within the man's slightly broken mind. So as his reality skews the events, his interactions with real people seem odd and out of place.

As a result it's an interesting diversion that never quite matches the potential of the initial gambit.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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