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Temple Theatre’s Unmythable is a hilarious romp through the Greek myths. In the capable hands of Troels Hagen Findsen, Paul O’Mahony and Will Pinchin, we have a side-splitting boisterous comedy that had the Argonauts—sorry the audience—completely on board, quite literally, as we set sail to rescue the golden Fleece.

From the very start of this show with the cast handing out olives, Greek of course, you know you are in for a fun-filled treat.

The energy and exuberance of these three actors is impressive as the myths are re-enacted at breathtaking speed and their heroism is brought to life with catchy songs and clever clowning.

There are some wonderful one liners such as, “this ship won’t clean itself—where’s Ajax when you need him?”

We meet the Greek Gods as well as Theseus, Orpheus and Hippolyta and not forgetting Pandora and her poisoned box. There is a terrific scene inside the Trojan horse with the constant question, “are we there yet?” played out as a group of USA marines.

The trio's acting skills are dazzling, changing characters at the drop of a hat, and you’ll meet a host of movie stars along the way. This is one adventure journey you will want to take as you search out your 'hero'.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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