What Girls Are Made Of

Cora Bissett
Raw Material and Traverse Theatre in association with Regular Music
Assembly Hall

What Girls Are Made Of

Cora has turned out to be a good solid musician and better human being. Here she sketches for us her less that meteoric career as a singer. She manages the hurdles to get what she wanted ending, surprisingly, with wanting something else. Something more. (Spoiler alert: she gets it.) We’re cheering for her throughout.

We cannot all be rock stars. Nor do we all want that. But Cora Bissett has painted a painfully accurate picture of our teen fantasy to young adult hopes to middle-age reality. Looking back, we didn’t get what we wanted (we really didn't want that or shouldn't have) but should be at least content with where we landed. Cora is; both feet on the ground.

Cora Bisset tells her own story which comes with some engaging and sparkling music with the help of performers Susan Bear, Simon Donaldson and Harry Ward. The music is engaging, sometimes leaving us wanting more, but never overwhelms her story. Her musicians are pretty fine actors in the mix. A little sad but uplifting.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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