What Goes on in Front of Closed Doors

Calum Finlay and Emma Bentley
joue le genre/Noel Gay Artists
Pleasance Courtyard

What Goes on in Front of Closed Doors

What Goes on in Front of Closed Doors to nineteen-year-old Molly (Emma Bentley) could happen to anyone.

The play shows us how quickly things can become difficult for Molly, when the death of someone close to her triggers an emotional trauma which loses her a job and her home.

We first meet her as a friendly, capable young woman with a promising future in music. Much of this first section of the show is light and amusing.

Emma Bentley as Molly for most of the performance tells her story directly to the audience. Occasionally there are dramatised scenes of dialogue in which she speaks with other characters that are present as taped voices or video footage on the three monitors dotted about the stage.

The word homeless is never mentioned but that is her situation. Nor does Molly ever claim she can’t cope, but her behaviour becomes more risky and disturbing.

It is often family and friends who step in when the State runs away from its responsibilities but that support does not seem to be available to Molly.

This is a thoughtful, engaging show that reminds us how easy it can be to lose your home and the additional problems that can cause.

Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

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