What is he Building in There?


In the case of StaG's new play, What is he Building in There?, which one may assume is a reference to identically titled song by Tom Waits, the item in question is, in fact, never in question.

The play is less of a mystery and more of a Lynchian pondering, as there are obvious influences from Eraserhead, and Brazil, as well as a curiously Tim Burton-esque quality to the costuming and make-up. It's a pity then that the play, which is ostensibly a comedy, isn't actually very funny.

The story is of an unemployed man obsessed with working at carpentry in his garage. He's fallen deeply in love with a chair, and tries desperately not to let it be seen by others. His long-suffering but pretty young wife pushes him to get a job in the city after two high flying friends happen by, leading to an interview of bizarre awkwardness.

Overall it's nicely formed with a cleverly put together concept, but the overall result is just that wee bit too abstract and odd. Combined with the lack of real laughs—there were only a few titters at most—this well conceptualised idea fails to hit home.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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