What Would Spock Do?

Jon Brittain
Seabright Productions
Gilded Balloon

What Would Spock Do?

At it's heart, Jon Brittain's play What Would Spock Do? is a simple story of love and acceptance, but the means by which it gets there are a feat worthy of the Starship Enterprise herself.

It's the story of middle-aged office worker, Gary Thompson, and his falling in love with a new temp at his work, a girl who appears in the canteen dressed as Mr Spock.

It seems like a simple enough story, but Gary, who was once a childhood "Trekkie", has long since put away his passion for it. Which in turn leads to all sorts of problems as he fights his urges to bond with this young woman and efforts to hide his geekery from his co-workers.

There's a sweet sadness to Gary's story as the layers gradually peel back throughout the play, and the reasons for giving up on his boyhood obsession become ever clearer, his own inner turmoil and years of closing himself off leading to an inexplicable terror of returning to those days.

It's also a story which acts as a fitting allegory for a whole host of life choices which make someone different. Managing to be both funny and touching, it's a great piece, admirably performed by Sam Donnelly.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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