Without Sin

Without Sin

Without Sin

The confessional box in the Summerhall courtyard invites us to share fifteen minutes with a stranger “to consider our relationships with one another and the spaces that cultivate connection between us.”

Sat in an atmospherically lit cubicle guided by headphones and a set of prompt cards, I enjoyed a fleeting, thought-provoking conversation with the person next door about our lives, those we love and hopes for the future.

On the wall in front are messages of hope and resilience written by previous participants, which set the tone for the conversation to come. As an experience, ours absolutely fulfilled the intention of cultivating a connection between two strangers. As a work of performance art, it could use more thought around providing a sense of ceremony or ritual prior to and after the show.

The format itself allowed for some thought-provoking moments between the two of us, but it was all over very quickly, and the cards did restrict the flow of conversation to a degree. However, as we left, I met my confessional partner, we hugged and parted ways basking in the warmth of our empathic encounter.

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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