Theatre with Teeth
theSpace on North Bridge


Sitting at her writing desk, surrounded by the detritus of a writer's craft, Virginia Woolf muses on life, or the passing of it, as in her dreamlike state of non-existence there is only memory.

Using tracts of Woolf's writing, as well as some artistic license, Theatre With Teeth has created a captivating and touching tribute to the famed pioneer of feminist thinking and to the great enduring love between her and her husband Leonard.

It's at first a disorienting piece, with fragments of movement, fluttering books and letter pages, until the meaning of the scenario becomes clear. This limbo is Woolf's room of her own, where her soul is lingering, unwilling to forgive herself and to accept the forgiveness of Leonard, whose soul does also here transgress.

The company has made this whimsical piece flit with movement as the players run, jump and move, creating waves and gulls from book props and a wonderous adventure through the eyes of a young Woolf in a labrinthyne library.

It's a simple yet effective exploration of the writer and, when the story builds to the crushing, sobbing emotional release, it's as touching as it is satisfying.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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