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Sounds Like Chaos and the Albany
Battersea Arts Centre

Wow Everything is Amazing Credit: Ali Wright
Wow Everything is Amazing Credit: Ali Wright
Wow Everything is Amazing Credit: Ali Wright

Check the news on any random occasion and you are likely to catch some politician worrying about the lack of controls on the Internet, where apparently any deranged extremist can carry us into a nightmare. And of course that means we all need to be more controlled.

Sounds Like Chaos gives us a vision of what that future might look like. It’s one where corporate controls have become deeply intrusive, quasi-religious and overwhelming.

The stage is set as an altar, with three rows of pews to either side, a futuristic central wooden piece and a back screen made of gauze running to the full height of the space, upon which is projected the face of the “Godhead” and various slogans of the new Church of the Web.

The choir sitting in the pews are enthusiastic, clapping, singing and at times stepping forward to dance. And though the religious tilt of it all may hold you back from joining the dance, the marvellous singing could easily have you nodding along with songs like “The World Wide Web, Web Web”.

The Internet in this gentle, satirical vision of the future has become a religion controlled by a corporate business for the benefit of its sponsors. Its language is a mixture of the spiritual with phrases such as “You have been saved” and instead of the word Amen the tech phrase “Agree and Proceed”.

They even have a ceremony of remembrance to honour those who have sacrificed for what we have achieved. And in special sermons, they recall a time when someone had to carry messages across long distances and when you phoned your friend you could end up speaking to their mother!

There are special “Alpha Geeks” to answer your questions and when one consumer starts to seem a little uncooperative they tell him, “you have chosen to be deleted.”

However, not everyone is taken in by the corporate Godhead. Rebellion is brewing amongst sections of the congregation.

The show is a confident and entertaining mix of humour and very fine singing that is making an important point about a possible future where politicians and corporate business get control of the Web. Better see it before the politicians get hold of it.

Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

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