Yellow Fever

CalArts Festival Theater
Venue 13

Yellow Fever

Opening on the frenetic dischordant Spanish guitar playing of Vincent, sitting crumpled onstage, being washed over with a miasmic projection of yellow flame-like shapes, Yellow Fever makes clear that it is a play about feelings, art and intensity without submitting to conventional form.

Vincent is an artist, obsessed with Yellow, and Vincent Van Gogh; we see the world of the play from within his mind. As he paints, sings and tries to imbue himself with the colour Yellow, the audience are treated to a manic and fascinating visual experience.

The other player in the piece is Siena, his muse and model, who he paints, scolds, serenades and abuses in equal measure.

It's an occasionally confusing play, but one best left to simply wash over the audience, letting themselves bask in the fraught passion and physical imagery as the relationship between artist and muse plays out it's spiral of destruction.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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