You Obviously Know What I'm Talking About

Teres Burns
How it Ended Productions
Underbelly Cowgate

Winfield Scott-Boring, the delightful Richard Keiss, is agoraphobic. He has been stuck in his chaotic flat 42A for years and has an orchestrated daily routine that never varies, until one day he inadvertently climbs out of the wrong side of bed and things change forever.

The quirky, whimsical set imaginatively designed by James Lewis comes alive as Eva Sampson along with Helen Booth and Peter Wicks become the voice of the apartment and sing and dance their way through the story with a great score.

They perform with a tongue-in-cheek humour and immense energy that is quite endearing.

Winfield spies a pretty girl watering a window box in 23B and he falls passionately in love with her, but he is so scared of leaving the safety of his flat he communicates by notes held up to the window.

The arrival of a rocking horse that needs repairing is his salvation, and this adventure story ends with a kiss.

This is a hilarious comic story that leaves you smiling at its sheer creativity and ingeniousness.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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