Your Fragrant Phantom

Jenna May Hobbs
White Slate Theatre
C Cubed

Your Fragrant Phantom

Intense and passionate are words to describe the relationship of the infamous author F Scott Fitzgerald and wife Zelda and also to describe this production. The two-hander is a whirlwind of emotion and the chemistry between the two actors is palpable.

Memories are played out, paused and re-enacted, old wounds re-open, but flashes of innocence, youth and love also pervade.

From their enthusiastic love letters to their final parting, Your Fragrant Phantom aims to present both the good and the bad of this decadent couple as they both comment on how they saw each occurrence and how it could have played.

The scene in which Zelda announces her second pregnancy is particularly revealing and signals the beginning for the end for their relationship.

With changes of costume, letters strewn over the stage and a chaise longue used to full effect, every inch of the space is used and yet seems to confine these two personalities.

For those familiar with Fitzgerald’s novels, there is much to enjoy and for those unfamiliar it will perhaps spur them to read such classic books for life and art often imitate and this production is an excellent glimpse into the lives of this troubled couple.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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