Zumba Gold

Amelia Gann
Pleasance Courtyard

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold! This favoured aerobic system of the elderly, allowing those of advanced years and gentler bodies to stay fit with a lower-impact variety of exercise. It's hardly glamourous, but it is necessary, which is where Cathy comes in. She's a woman with lifelong dreams of fame, but having only ever accomplished the position of a small-town Zumba Gold trainer for a class of geriatrics, she's pushing for something more, something huge!

Amelia Gann's debut play is a hyper-kinetic dervish of comedy movement, witty observations and Lycra-clad clowning. Energetically stretching and stepping, she leads the crowd through the tale of the self-obsessed trainer, the local community and the extremes people will go to for the sake of their own narcissism. It's gleefully funny and delightfully low-key in its aims and portrayals, keeping everything within the realms of the believably silly.

If Gann has a few more pieces like this up her sleeve in the coming years, she has a fine career ahead of her, and this is a solid step boldly taken upon the Edinburgh Fringe.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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