Sandra Giorgetti

National News Editor and London Reviewer

[email protected]

After dropping out of university (psychology and drama at Manchester) Sandra volunteered at the emerging Man in the Moon Theatre in Chelsea's King's Road for a number of years whilst holding down "proper jobs" that almost paid the rent. Under the auspices of Man in the Moon founder, Leigh Shine, she quickly became an Edinburgh Fringe obsessive with a seven shows a day addiction. One year Sandra got married between shows which brought down her daily average, and she went cold turkey after the birth of her first child.

Sandra was co-editor the Stephen Sondheim Society Magazine for a year prior to joining the team at the British Theatre Guide. In 2007 she completed a stage design course at the Theatre Museum; since then she has attended courses on theatre process and theatre and playwriting from 1570-1642. For the third year running Sandra is a volunteer on First World War theatre project, Great War Theatre.




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