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David Cunningham

NW reviewer




Cocktails and Cinquains

Meet the new boss…

Keisha Thompson celebrates her appointment as Artistic Director/ Chief Executive of Manchester’s Contact in rare style with Cocktails and Cinquains.
Immersive theatre

Getting immersed in Immersive theatre

A reviewer wonders if audiences can ever really win with Immersive theatre.
Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre

Ring in the new…

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre announces the 2022 season; David Cunningham was at the launch.
We’re all in this together

We’re all in this together

A reviewer looks at the complexities arising from expecting artists to be socially responsible and decides to run away.
When the Birds Land

Walking ‘The Walk’: Taking part in 'When the Birds Land'

A reviewer takes part in the climax of an event to raise awareness of challenges facing refugees by welcoming Little Amal to Manchester.
Royal Exchange Theatre

Exchange disrupts its building's history

David Cunningham attends the launch of the Royal Exchange Theatre's Disrvpt programme, looking at whether associations with the slave trade in the 18th century via cotton traders are putting off audiences today.
Sea Change

Not Drowning but Waving—Dancing in ‘Sea Change’

After a lengthy rehearsal period, a reviewer has the chance to dance in Sea Change—the opening ceremony of the 2021 Manchester International Festival.
Deansgate, Manchester

A Dancer Dances: taking part in ‘Sea Change’

A reviewer switches from observer to participant and reports on the development of Sea Change—the opening ceremony of the 2021 Manchester International Festival.
Best Girl

Best Girl is back

The return of a 2019 Fringe favourite in a new format for online audiences.
Sydney Harbour


Conservative MP Jake Berry’s remarks that northern communities prefer football to opera, ballet and theatre can be dismissed as nonsense but reflect an attitude that may deter, or limit the enjoyment of, potential theatregoers.