Danny Fitzpatrick

South East Photographer

[email protected]

As a UK based professional photographer I get to photograph some amazing things. I love seeing the alternate worlds created through dance and theatre. Watching and recording the way a dancer can move their body or how an actor can draw an entire audience into a completely new rhelm. I genuinely feel privileged to do what I do.

It's varied, interesting and keeps me on my toes. I also shoot my own creative personal projects. I always have a few ideas on the go which helps me to continue to grow as a photographer.

My clients have included Virgin Active, Nokia, The British Heart Foundation, Red Bull, The Royal Mint, Cancer Research and the NSPCC and my work has been published in all of the national newspapers at some point.

I have traveled around lots of SE Asia, New Zealand and Central and South America with my wife. I’m always looking for the next river to explore on my Paddleboard.

I am also a big believer in looking after our planet. Being that it is the only one we have. My office is furnished completely from reclaimed and recycled items and I always use recycled and environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible. I try to consider my environmental impact in every aspect of my work and home life. So much so that I built a website to encourage and help people reduce their carbon footprint - check it out and see what you can do www.Time4Change.eco


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