Rachael Duggan

Midlands Reviewer

Teenage me made an utter nuisance of myself writing to actors and playwrights back in the nineties and hanging round stage doors, but it actually paid off as I got to speak to - and meet - some brilliant people and a few famous faces too. My degree in Theatre and English gave me the opportunity to watch Alan Ayckbourn rehearse and didn't dampen my desire to be a theatre press officer. However, on advice from an actual press officer at the time, I trotted off to train as a journalist first. I didn't enjoy it much - too many death knocks and stitch-ups - but it did allow me to hone my writing which has informed most of my subsequent career, including a brief stint as an arts press officer.

So I find myself coming full circle in a funny way - returning to my first love and hopefully making a useful contribution at the same time. You may disagree...


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