Devising and multilingualism

When asked about the challenges of producing and directing ten different pieces from different writers with a variety of experiences, Tobin comfortably replies that the idea was to create an organic piece. Without giving too much away, he says that some of the pieces had become video shorts and have been inserted organically within others scenes of the show as part of the multimedia experience; in other cases some distinctions between scripts are more visible.

An important part of his directorial approach is devising, working closely with actors. Tobin is also very keen on multilingualism in Singapore that, to some extent, is part of this show.

“It is difficult to direct using different languages, but the result is very rewarding,” he said.

When asked what the set is going to look like, Tobin reveals that they have borrowed props from each show that has been produced at the Studios in the last year or so: the screen used for the projections comes from a recent show from Drama Box, for instance; ash-trays, wigs and all sorts come from others.

Symbolically speaking, it is almost as if by borrowing props and pieces of set from other shows The Perfection of 10 is, to some extent, relating itself to the Singaporean theatre scene as a whole, reflecting on its eclecticism and rich creativity. It is a search for perfection but also a way of celebrating theatre in Singapore. Tobin feels very much part of this culture and is pleased on how the arts and theatre have developed in the last fifteen years.

And I must say in my journey of exploring Singaporean theatre scene as an outsider, I cannot but be excited to be a spectator of what the theatre in Singapore has become and in particular for now I am looking forward to The Perfection of 10.

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