"Life after can be just as good – I can say look at me, I can do everything I've wanted to do."

Certainly her professional experiences have been varied. On stage she has played summer rep at Margate Theatre Royal, toured in Ayckbourn, taken the lead in Thumbelina The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe and played the outdoor theatre at George Bernard Shaw's home in Ayot St Lawrence. Her credits are too many to mention but for completeness perhaps it should be stated that the last time she was at Bromley's Churchill Theatre (at the start of the Doctor Doolittle tour) she was playing a boy!

Jo also fronted the controversial "Yorkie ... It's not for girls" ad in which she had to dress up as a man and explain the offside rule, (she has also provided the voice of a talking calculator) and more recently has got into cabaret performing.

August saw her appearing at The Pheasantry a live music venue on The Kings Road but she has also played Lauderdale House and The Battersea Barge. "The first time it was a scary thing to do but now I've embraced it. It's great! Interpreting a character within a musical, within a story, is really exciting as well but I love to sing in a concert, I love singing as myself in cabaret" she enthuses "I love singing!"

With equal enthusiasm she looks to the future.

"What I'd like it to be is any kind of lovely job that comes my way—it could be in theatre, musical theatre, film or TV—bring it on!"

Peter Pan plays the Churchill Theatre Bromley from Friday 30 November to Sunday 6 January 2013

For more information and bookings visit the Churchill Theatre web site. Jo Forest's website is www.joannaforest.com