Chris Honer rehearsing

Manchester theatre mourns passing of Chris Honer

The charming and much-admired Chris Honer, artistic director of Manchester’s Library Theatre from 1987–2014, died last week.
James McAvoy in Cyrano

Ticket Prices

Inflation is sending ticket prices out of the range of normal theatre-goers, let alone the young, and could threaten diversity in the longer term.
The Pantomime: Harlequin

North East Christmas productions 2021

Peter Lathan lists all the professional pantos and other Christmas shows in the North East between late November 2021 and early January 2022.
Macbeth at the Almeida Theatre

Not Quite the Real Thing – but Nearly

Philip Fisher considers the current coronavirus statistics and reminds readers about a new, happy medium.
When the Birds Land

Walking ‘The Walk’: Taking part in 'When the Birds Land'

A reviewer takes part in the climax of an event to raise awareness of challenges facing refugees by welcoming Little Amal to Manchester.
The Cast of The Mirror and the Light

The Budget v. The Pandemic

Philip Fisher outlines some Budget announcements that will help the cultural sector but also notes early closures of two major productions.
Royal Exchange Theatre

Exchange disrupts its building's history

David Cunningham attends the launch of the Royal Exchange Theatre's Disrvpt programme, looking at whether associations with the slave trade in the 18th century via cotton traders are putting off audiences today.
Angels in America

2+2 = 7 – Theatrical Economics

We have had a tough 18 months but the cultural sector is not safe yet.
Affair of the Heart

Do Spoilers Spoil?

Philip Fisher challenges an assertion by Michael Billington regarding the revelation of plot twists in reviews.
Trevor Dion Nicholas in Aladdin

To Mask or Not to Mask

Theatregoers are no longer legally obliged to wear masks. Is this good or bad news?
Kae Tempest's Paradise

Dramatists Guild of America Model Agreement on Inclusion

The industry is taking great steps towards full diversity and conclusion. A new document will help the crusade.
Nadine Dorries MP

Introduction to New Culture Minister Nadine Dorries

Philip Fisher has done some research into the woman who we would like to think might be the saviour of the arts.
Rowan Atkinson as Fagin

The Next Hurdle

Shows may gradually be opening but theatre finances could still be a concern.
The Ghost Light burning at Northern Stage

Back in a theatre—at last!

Peter Lathan talks about his return to theatre after so many months.

Good News for Once

Philip Fisher reports on the long-awaited re-opening of Broadway theatres.
Tropicana - Best Solo LGBTQI Act from Scene Alba Magazine

Edinburgh is back, up and down

A bit of an Edinburgh round-up from National news editor Sandra Giorgetti.
Jamael Westman with West End cast of Hamilton

A Slow and Painful Recovery

Philip Fisher worries about the recovery and wonders whether the most successful shows could suffer the most.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A Mixed Picture

Philip Fisher reviews some new developments on a troubled theatre scene.
Summer Holiday: The Musical


While many theatres have finally managed to reopen, there are still many hurdles ahead, especially when the big producers rely so heavily on tourist trade.
James Conway in rehearsal

ETO's James Conway previews return to live performance

World-renowned director on Handel, touring, online opportunities, uncooperative cinema chains, and hints for the future.