Booth by Karen Joy Fowler

Karen Joy Fowler's Booth—exclusive excerpt

An excerpt from award-winning American author Karen Joy Fowler's novel Booth about the theatrical family that spawned one of the USA's most famous assassins.
Matilda the Musical


Philip Fisher considers whether adaptations can ever be as good as something in its creator's chosen medium.
Simon Callow, Kerry Ellis, Denis Lawson and Bonnie Langford preparing for Anything Goes

Time to Hope or Another False Dawn?

Philip Fisher looks forward with a mixture of optimism and pessimism about UK theatre this year.
Radio Play Revival

Radio Play Revival

Philip Fisher discovers an impressive new podcast series from America.
Kit Harington in Rehearsal as Henry V

Kit Harington’s Henry V Fails to Reach Agincourt

Philip Fisher reports on another high-profile postponement and ponders the way forward.
Tina Stowell Chair of the The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee

Funding the BBC – have your say

The BBC receives £3.6 billion from the licence fee. The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee is asking if the time has come to change that.
The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson

A Muse for Our Times

Boris Johnson might just be the saviour of British theatre—if only as an inspiration for satire.
Creative Coalition Festival 2022

Creative Coalition Festival 2022

Philip Fisher reports on some keynote speeches from the second Creative Coalition Festival.
Immersive theatre

Getting immersed in Immersive theatre

A reviewer wonders if audiences can ever really win with Immersive theatre.
Falstaff from Staatsoper Hamburg

Dramox TV brings world theatre into our homes

Dramox TV is a new online project and offers a wide range of theatre, dance and opera productions from around the world.
The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson

Redemption or a Knockout Punch

Philip Fisher fears that removing Plan B measures will do theatres no favours.
Alexandra Gilbreath and Sir Antony Sher in The Winter's Tale

From A Sad Tale to Spring Awakening

Philip Fisher looks forward to a return to normality sooner rather than later and reminds us of the pleasures that theatre can bring.
Tia Bannon and Danielle Vitalis in Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner (which should have been at Under the Radar)

Theatre in Crisis?

Philip Fisher reports on the latest news from the front line and sees little to generate optimism in the short term.

North East theatre after Christmas

Peter Lathan looks at when North East theatres are restarting after the holiday period.
Peter Pan

Review of the Theatre Year... 2022

Rather than shedding tears over another disastrous year, Philip Fisher travels in time this week with a fantasy look back on the year to come.
Anna X

BTG reviewers' reflections on 2021

At the end of another disrupted year, our reviewers look back on their theatrical experiences and reflections of 2021.
Liverpool Theatre Fest at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church

North West theatre in 2021

David Chadderton summarises a mixed year in North West theatre as theatres have opened with both the work we loved before the pandemic and new innovations.
Passionate People. Passionate Places.

The Best of NE theatre in 2021? Oh, come on!

A very different kind of year needs a very different kind of “Best of…” says Peter Lathan.
Passionate People. Passionate Places.

North East theatre in 2021

Peter Lathan looks back at theatre in the North East in 2021—“From nowt to quite a lot, really.”
Wilkins Mickawber

A Lifeline – but Not a Very Strong One

Once again, theatres are closing but the government's financial support package looks fatally inadequate.