Hamlet at the National Theatre

Ain’t Misbehavin’?

Bad behaviour is now spreading across the arts but COVID may not be to blame.
Alan Cumming on Display in Edinburgh

Edinburgh – Exhausting But Exhilarating

It's that time of year again. Philip Fisher reminds readers about the joys of Edinburgh in August.
The Play That Goes Wrong

Is It Time to Let AI Recommend a Night Out?

Can AI help you to choose the perfect show? Not yet!
Tina Marie Serra (front left), Angie Cornwell (centre), Joseph Pierce (front right), Blake Farha (bottom left) and Caroline Wiechers (bottom right)

Lights Up on Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is Berlin's most popular, English-speaking musical improv team. Geoff Mills speaks to them about their hopes for Edinburgh and beyond...
Phoebe Waller Bridge in Fleabag

Fringes: Edinburgh and Beyond

In July and August, Fringe theatre comes into its own of a phenomenon that may make little commercial sense but can be a fantastic launchpad.
Trevor Fox

Trevor Fox returns home to the NE

Anna Ambelez speaks to one of the stars of the National Theatre's Ocean at the End of the Lane as it visits Newcastle.
Edinburgh Festivals

Edinburgh Festivals Hit the Heights

A survey demonstrates that for almost every perspective, Edinburgh's festivals are a big hit.
Andrew Lancel and Stephen Tompkinson in Stumped

Theatre and Cricket

Philip Fisher draws some parallels between dramas in the worlds of cricket and theatre.
Julius Caesar

Political Theatre: do narcissists entertain?

Will we see warts and all depictions of Boris Johnson or Donald Trump in their lifetimes?
Dirty Dusting

Dirty Dusting: a double anniversary

Anna Ambelez looks back on twenty years of a play she was involved in right at the start as it returns to The Customs House.
Big Freelancer Survey

Freelance Workers at Breaking Point

Underpaid, Undervalued, Under Pressure: two newly published reports highlight the dire straits faced by many freelance workers in the creative industries.
Rufus Norris

Who will be the next leader of the National Theatre?

Rufus Norris is to leave the National in 2025. Bookies are probably already calculating odds on his successor.
Equity—Stop AI Stealing the Show

AI: Equity goes where governments fear to tread

In record time, Equity has taken giant steps to protect members from some threats posed by AI.

Creative Workforce Facing Destitution

New research shows that pay in the creative sector is below subsistence level.
Sheridan Smith In Shirley Valentine

Solo Shows

Does the public really want a plethora of new solo shows?
Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh Hits the Headlines For All the Wrong Reasons

A trip to Edinburgh in August sounds attractive until you discover the cost.
Bad Cinderella

Good News and Bad for Septuagenarians

This week, senior citizens have been hitting the theatrical headlines with mixed fortunes.
Tambo & Bones

What is a Black Out?

A new venture seeks to offer black audiences safer spaces and may signal an upcoming trend.

Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent or Artificial?

As the first ever AI-generated play opens, Philip Fisher wonders whether this is the future of theatre?
Dale Meeks

Obituary: Dale Meeks

Dale Meeks, true gem of stage and screen, died of heart failure on Sunday 23 April 2023.

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