ACE funds teaching for creativity

Published: 10 October 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Freelands Foundation
Arts Council England

Eight schools have been selected to practise and evaluate new ways of teaching young people that allow them to develop creativity.

This new initiative has resulted from the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education and is funded by Arts Council England (National Lottery Project Grants) supported by Freelands Foundation to the tune of £2,780,000.

Methods under the spotlight will include helping teachers to build in teaching for creativity in lessons, developing a curriculum that encourages creativity not just in arts subjects but across science and humanities, and examining the impact of a creative education on children's health and happiness.

Each of the eight schools will work with a further eight in their area of investigation with the pilot running through to mid-2024.

Arts Council England's director of special projects Nicky Morgan said, “I’m delighted to see the launch of the Creativity Collaboratives national network where we will work closely with teachers, their school networks and with the wider education sector to test approaches to teaching for creativity which all schools can adopt.

“This innovative work reflects Arts Council’s commitment to reach children and young people across the country and in all phases of education to nurture their individual curiosity and creative potential which we know has a crucial impact on improving their life chances.

“We want to highlight the professionalism and determination of teachers who work so hard to support and care for their students and look forward to sharing their work and the impact of the Creativity Collaboratives programme over the next three years.”

The eight schools are Anglian Learning East, Billesley Primary School, The Duchess’s Community High School, Halterworth Primary School, Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust, The St Marylebone CE School, Penryn College and Welbeck Primary School.