Battle of Britain winning audio drama

Published: 14 September 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Alistair Petrie Credit: RAF Benevolent Fund
Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund

Matthew Wignall’s A Gingerbread Man in the RAF which won the RAF Benevolent Fund's audio drama competition is to be released on Battle of Britain Day, 15 September, marking the event's 80th anniversary.

The plays tells the story of two RAF pilots to be played by Sex Education's Alistair Petrie and Emmerdale's Mark Moraghan and features as a bonus episode to the Fund’s All Stations podcast series.

Petrie, whose father served in the RAF, said, “it’s been an absolute honour to be involved in this project, giving back to the RAF Family of which I and my family are a part. I believe we owe it to all of those who paid the ultimate price during the Second World War to remember their bravery and their sacrifice and this podcast does just that. A new generation must not be allowed to forget what was given for their freedoms today.”

Competition winner Matthew Wignall is a support worker for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs.