BRB and RAD partner to bring professional dance into the classroom

Published: 13 December 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Birmingham Royal Ballet and Royal Academy of Dance's new partnership will create stronger links to the professional world of ballet for RAD teachers and their students.

The programme, to launch in February 2022, will include pre-show talks during BRB’s Don Quixote UK tour in February and March, as well as practical workshops with dancers and staff. Both companies are also keen to harness digital technology to reach RAD teachers and students around the world.

RAD’S Artistic Director Gerard Charles said, "there is so much more to studying ballet than simply learning the steps, and so we are delighted that Birmingham Royal Ballet will be lifting the curtain on company life and the artistry and creativity that makes it a leading dance company."

Pearl Chesterman, BRB’s Director of Learning, Engagement, Access and Participation, added, "the ambition is not only to inspire more young dancers through RAD teachers and their dance schools but also to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the art form. As a company, we see a real opportunity to develop the audiences of the future."