Bloomsbury Festival 2021

Published: 29 August 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Bloomsbury Festival 2021
Ophelia: Bloomsbury Festival 2021

London's Bloomsbury Festival offers a varied programme this October including live performance, audio work, walks and exhibitions.

Highlights amongst the theatre events are I, Minnie Lansbury, commissioned by The George Lansbury Trust and written by Bren Gosling, and a weekend of new theatre writing at RADA Studio showcasing six emerging companies.

Many events are free but must be pre-booked, and some may be enjoyed live and online. Topics cover rebels, women, refugees, freethinkers and science. Age suitability and further information is available on the Bloomsbury Festival web site. In more detail the theatre programme is:

  • I, Minnie Lansbury written by Bren Gosling presented by Backstory Ensemble Productions Ltd
  • The Cinnamon Shop presented by KRĒAN(T)S
  • States of Mind presented by Extant
  • Hold/Falling presented by Created a Monster
  • Alive In Flatland presented by Bunkum Ensemble
  • Ourselves presented by Goodenough Theatre Company
  • Ophelia’s Resurrection presented by Tamar Geist
  • A Play Upon Words
  • Promised Land presented by Saski Bisou
  • 365 Days And More presented by Songeun Choi and Leah Park
  • True Colours: A Queer Cabaret presented by Tamar Geist
  • New Wave: RADA MA Theatre Lab graduates
  • New Wave: Theatre Writing showcase