Border Crossings' international work online

Published: 10 May 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Raffaele Messina in More Than Words
Nisha Dassyne and Tony Guilfoyle in The Great Experiment Credit: John Cobb
Ino Moxo

Border Crossings, which has been fostering creative collaboration and bringing together work created across international borders since 1995, now offers a further three pieces online, each accompanied by a Q & A with its creatives.

The Great Experiment, about indentured labour, slavery and modern Britain, is a co-production with the Dugdale Centre and Exchange Theatre and may be watched with English or French subtitles or without. On 13 May, there will be an online discussion about the play and theatre in Mauritius, with Dev Virahsawmy, writer of Toufann seen in London in 1999 (in translation from Mauritian Créole by Nisha and Michael Walling), and director Michael Walling.

More Than Words is an online première. The film, which stars Italian clown Raffaele Messina, was shot over two years in five European countries and looks at outsiders in European societies. It is available from 14 May with an online discussion between Raffaele Messina and director Michael Walling.

Ino Moxo, which sold out the Southbank at Origins 2019, combines dreamlike projections, shamanic chants and evocation of ayahuasca experiences. Choreography is by Ana Zavala and Oscar Naters. It is made by Peru's Grupo Integro who will join director Oscar Naters for an online discussion on 27 May.

Online discussions start at 6PM UK time and may be booked via Eventbrite.

In addition to its online performance offering, Border Crossings continues its programme of work with young refugees online.

Donations to support its work would be gratefully received.