Earwigs emerge from Tron Theatre

Published: 25 January 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Earwig sonic theatre podcast

Earwig is a new initiative from Tron Theatre funded by the Scottish Government's Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund that will see weekly podcast episodes by Scottish-based playwrights available online.

Directed by Finn den Hertog, the first series contains six episodes commissioned to feature sonic theatre where listeners will take in the text, sound design and music content via headphones.

Sound designer and composer Danny Krass has worked with the six playwrights and a cast that includes Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Ann Louise Ross, George Anton and Reuben Joseph.

The playwrights are Jo Clifford, Hannah Lavery, Johnny McKnight, Morna Pearson, Stef Smith and Luke Sutherland.

Krass said, "I've been looking for some time for an opportunity to explore how music and sound interact with text in a deeper and more focussed way than theatrical stage productions allow. I am fascinated by the personal and intimate act of listening on headphones, and how this can shift your perceptions and inner state. There is something inherently healthy and psychologically nourishing about closing one's eyes, listening carefully and (for a time) leaving the everyday world behind. This is the cultural space which Earwig will readily inhabit."

The podcast starts on 27 January and is free of charge. The episodes are:

  • The Deadlift written by Stef Smith, performed by Ashley Smith and Renee Williams, drums / percussion by Alon Ilsar, original music by Danny Krass and Alon Ilsar
  • There Is Still Something Yet To Discover written by Hannah Lavery, performed by Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Kathryn Joseph, guitar by Julia Reidy, original music by Danny Krass and Julia Reidy
  • Tikka written by Johnny McKnight, performed by Robbie Jack, Reuben Joseph and Ann Louise Ross
  • The Last Dance written by Morna Pearson, performed by Robbie Jack, Danielle Jam, Jack McCreadie and Rosalind Sydney
  • Slug Love written by Jo Clifford, performed by Jo Clifford, Reuben Joseph and Judith Williams
  • Fortunes written by Luke Sutherland, performed by George Anton, Saskia Ashdown and Ann Louise Ross, violin by Allison Stringer, original music by Danny Krass and Allison Stringer