Eclectic lineup for Housetrap Theatre & Arts Festival 2020

Published: 5 April 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Housetrap Theatre & Arts Festival 2020

From 6:30PM on Wednesday 8 April, London West End venue Immersive Ldn will start live streaming Housetrap Theatre & Arts Festival 2020.

A selection process by the Immersive London team has resulted in a programme of music, comedy and theatre.

Louis Hartshorn of Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises said, “we are thrilled that, even when deprived of access to our facilities, we can still find a way to create a platform for these talented performers. Artists were chosen to provide our audiences with an eclectic evening of entertainment and with acts from as far afield as Taiwan, we are thrilled that our artistic community is showing it is more united than ever.”

The artists are:

  • Christy Coysh making music live on a loop pedal with a side order of “weird stuff”.
  • Jack Bence, the occasional delinquent, delivers irreverent, witty stand up and maybe some poetry.
  • Yun Collective, streaming live from Taiwan, offers a mind-cleansing journey for these challenging times based on Yi zhan cha, for about 15 minutes, the duration of the Chinese tea ceremony.
  • Joshua Welch shares his isolation with no-nonsense Northern powerhouse Granny Grotbag, who has a story of love, loss, dust, water infections and strength to help and inspire.
  • Miracle Chance, actress and singer-songwriter (recent credits include Christine in Be More Chill at The Other Palace), will sing some show tunes and new songs.
  • Joseph Cullen, whose You Having Olaf? won him Best Newcomer at VAULT Festival 2017, brings character comedy and stand-up to all those in need of a laugh.
  • The ISLO Collective uses augmented reality and sonic design in Patient Zero to reveal a utopia where humans are dispensable, but what happens when our bodies fail us but our minds still exist?
  • Ellie Hall, soulful pop singer-songwriter, shares tales of love, lust, self love and following your dreams

Donations made by audiences will be shared between the artists.