Elmhurst Ballet new sustainable uniform

Published: 8 October 2020
Reporter: Vera Liber

Elmhurst Ballet School Year 12 students in new sustainable fabric uniform Credit: Alice Gibbins

Elmhurst Ballet School students are training towards a career in dance in a new uniform made from sustainable fabrics that originate from ocean waste and abandoned fishing nets.

In 2019, Elmhurst met to discuss changes to its dance uniform with dance wear supplier Dancing Boutique, who turned to British designer, producer, and retailer Dansez for its Healthy Seas initiative and eco-friendly fabrics that come from the 640,000 tons of ghost fishing nets found on and around shipwrecks and reefs.

Samantha Carney, Managing Director of Dansez, said, “dance clothes should be a joy to wear, to train and perform in. We pride ourselves on the fit and the finished product feeling so good that dancers should hardly know they are wearing them.

"We are delighted to work with Dancing Boutique and Elmhurst to design a new uniform that features these wonderful sustainable fabrics. Together we have made an environmental contribution that ensures the Elmhurst uniform is part of a circular economy, where waste is brought back to life in such a beautiful art form as ballet.”

Jessica Wheeler, Principal of Elmhurst Ballet School, added, “it has been a few years since we updated the uniform and we wanted to introduce more colours in the palette so each year group had their own identity in class. The sustainable aspect is part of a wider commitment to significantly play our part in creating a better environment.”