ENB Pipeline Project promotes diversity

Published: 8 November 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Ballet Futures Facilitator, Shevelle Dynott, leads a class with students of Dupont Dance Stage School Credit: Jack Thomson

Ballet Futures, a ballet training programme for children aged 8–12 years, aims to encourage more dancers from traditionally underrepresented groups (African Diaspora, Caribbean, South Asian and South East Asian heritage) to participate early in professional ballet training.

Starting with a pilot phase from January 2022 and run in association with dance schools nationwide—so far Dupont Dance Stage School in Leicester, Janet Lomas School of Dancing in Greater Manchester and West London School of Dance—the project aims to promote a diverse classical landscape, impacting on 21st century work.

Dance schools who are interested in taking part in the project should contact the Ballet Futures team at [email protected] for further information.

Following an audition, participants will receive free weekly training at their local dance school with additional financial support to contribute to the cost of shoes, school uniform and travel to and from ENB’s east London home, the Mulryan Centre for Dance. An ENB representative will visit participating schools twice a year to offer class, host a Q&A and share feedback and support.

Tamara Rojo CBE, ENB Artistic Director, said, “I believe there are spaces to be filled in the dance training system for young artists who are representative of the world we live in, the stories we want to tell, and the people who tell them. Through Ballet Futures, we will work collaboratively with dance schools to diversify their student base; encouraging talented young dancers from a range of backgrounds and creating an opportunity for them to grow into their potential as artists.”