Funny Women Around the World

Published: 28 February 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Funny Women Around the World

A 12-hour curated programme of comedy events from Funny Women marks this year's International Women’s Day on 6 March.

Funny Women is a not for profit organisation championing women in mainstream comedy and the force behind the annual Funny Women Awards which have launched the careers of Zoe Lyons, Sarah Millican, Susan Calman, Jayde Adams and many others.

This inaugural Funny Women Around the World event showcases international talent and is free to enjoy from morning til night. Sets from the UK include:

  • 13.05 Salford Student Showcase (Salford) – Meet a new generation of funny women.

  • 13.35 A Funny Kind of Education (Kent) – Mo and Martha are friends, but more importantly than that, they are mothers, trying to survive in the world of online learning whilst running a business. On the flip side, Mo is also an art teacher. Join her as she shows how you can get creative with an item you can guarantee every home has! What you will need: a bowl, a plastic bag, a dish of water with a sponge / cloth and a roll of toilet paper. A large glass of wine is optional.

  • 14.05 Sedusa Medusa: Gorgon Clown (Exeter) – Myth busting seductive clown Sedusa Medusa, created by Dr Maggie Irving—the first woman to investigate and attain a PhD on becoming a female clown—invites you to participate in some sassy, silly and savvy clowning to re-vision this art form for broader political use.

  • 15.20 Eyre-Leigh Doors (Bristol & London) – Louise Leigh and Pauline Eyre host this game of risk that aims to take what we know about our guest’s past and use it to predict their future. Special guest to be announced.

  • 17.20 Craic N Notions (Dublin) – Four Irish and one American take you through the ABCD of Irish culture.

  • 19.00 Being a Difficult Woman (Bristol) - Do you catch yourself apologising all the time? Are you scared to speak up at gigs, in meetings or social situations? Are you scared of being called, or have you ever been called a ‘Difficult Woman’? Join Imogen Palmer (The Delightful Collective, The Bristol Improv Theatre) for a 30-min interactive workshop to help empower you using improvisation skills.

  • 21.30 Doon For a Laugh (Glasgow) – Cabaret beaming in from bonnie Scotland. Five acts, each with five minutes.

Funny Women Around the World runs from 10AM to 10PM on 6 March. Register for this free event online.