Impermanence and Bristol Old Vic double bill

Published: 30 March 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Chihiro Kawasaki and Roseanna Anderson in Lady Blackshirt Credit: Marta Vitiello

Bristol Old Vic and Impermanence will continue their creative partnership with a new double bill of online dance work.

One More Edit (12–24 April) is a collection of works made for film from artists working in dance, including Edits Film by Marisa Zanotti, a document from 2014 of the final performance by Lea Anderson's all-male company The Featherstonehaughs. With costumes by Sandy Powell, Anderson's choreography imagines that Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant is a score for the show’s choreography, combining dance and the moving image.

Lady Blackshirt (10–22 May) is a new feature-length experimental film, looking back at the growth of modernism and the accompanying radical ideologies of the early twentieth century. Born out of a research project where 100 artists to responded to extracts from early modernist magazines, the film takes its name from one of the featured stories, that of Suffragette Mary Richardson, who in 1914 vandalised a painting of Venus in the National Gallery in protest at Emmeline Pankhurst’s imprisonment, but who would later go on to lead the Women’s section of the British Union of Fascists.

Impermanence’s Roseanna Anderson and Joshua Ben-Tovim said, "the dance world has never felt more open that it does now, no one is quite sure what will happen next. For those with a lot to lose, that’s been deeply upsetting, but it also feels exciting; anything can happen, and hopefully whatever does will have a cathartic, revolutionary energy about it. Dance is there to celebrate, connect and transcend, all of which sound like a good idea at the moment!”