In a Nutshell from Lost Dog's Duke

Published: 11 September 2020
Reporter: Vera Liber

Ben Duke Credit: Rachel Bunce

The Place Online will show short film In A Nutshell by Ben Duke, artistic director of Lost Dog, from 23 September free for 30 days.

A lone man is sitting in an empty auditorium talking to an invisible audience about what live theatre used to be and what it meant to him personally, reliving moments that had been particularly powerful to him personally and lamenting the loss of real-life connections in a world where nobody is allowed near one another.

The idea was conceived at the beginning of lockdown when a world with no theatre was still unimaginable. Now, months down the line and with the industry in jeopardy, Duke imagines a distant world where theatres never open again and he has to explain to a future generation what live performance was.

In a Nutshell was filmed and edited by Rachel Bunce and will be available to watch on The Place’s web site and YouTube channel 23 September–22 October.