KVN's Coppelia at The Cockpit

Published: 18 June 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Danny Fogarty as Franz and Kelly Ewins as Swanhilder in rehearsal Credit: Andrea Whelan

KVN Dance Company will première Kevan Allen’s reimagined version of the classical ballet Coppelia at The Cockpit, 2–11 September.

While the traditional ballet focuses on Dr Coppelius, Swanhilder and the life-sized doll that comes between them, this retelling will address his intent on creating the doll and how that impacts on his relationship with the villagers and will be set to an adapted version of the Delibes score by Rickard Berg. Costumes and styling are by Wendy Olver.

Allen said, “I adore the movement and physicality of the body and want to develop immersive dance experiences so people can witness the vitality and power of a performer up close. By reinventing the classics, such as this version of Coppelia, and introducing new experimental works, I want to bring new audiences to experience the joy of dance.”