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Little Miss Sunshine cast complete

Published: 12 May 2019
Reporter: David Upton

Lucy O’Byrne and Mark Moraghan join the cast of the off-Broadway musical Little Miss Sunshine when it comes to The Lowry in Salford May 28–June 1 as part of a UK tour.

O’Byrne will star as Sheryl, the matriarch of the eccentric Hoover family while Moraghan will be Grandpa (the role that won Alan Arkin an Academy award).

The rest of the Hoover family remain unchanged from the Arcola Theatre’s run with Gabriel Vick as Sheryl’s husband Richard, two-time Olivier nominee Paul Keating as Sheryl’s brother Frank and Sev Keoshgerian as Sheryl’s son Dwayne. The role of Olive will again be shared by Evie Gibson, Sophie Hartley Booth and Lily Mae Denman.

Ian Carlyle (Larry / Buddy), Imelda Warren-Green (Linda / Miss California) and Matthew McDonald (Joshua Rose / Kirby) also continue in their roles. Joining the cast are Jaimie Pruden and Jacob Jackson.

Completing the cast are the Mean Girls performed by Alicia Belgarde, Scarlet Roche and Elena Christie.

The Hoover family has more than a few troubles, but young Olive has her heart set on winning the Little Miss Sunshine beauty contest. When an invitation to compete comes out of the blue, the Hoovers must pile into their rickety, yellow VW camper van.