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London gets new performance venues

Published: 10 February 2019
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

The White City area of London is currently being transformed by an £8 billion ten-year regeneration programme.

Alongside new homes, offices, shops, restaurants and educational facilities, there is to be a new theatre at White City Place, a venue that was previously the BBC Media Village.

Troubadour Theatre will manage Troubadour White City Theatre, which will open in summer 2019 with a 1,200 capacity, fully flexible theatre, an 800-seat multi-purpose theatre and a bar.

The same company is behind London's King’s Cross Theatre and the soon to open Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre.

Troubadour Theatre's Oliver Royds and Tristan Baker said, “Troubadour White City Theatre will be designed to meet the needs of modern audiences: comfortable seating, generous toilet facilities, increased leg room and a spacious and welcoming bar. For theatre makers, White City will offer two flexible, dynamic and exciting performance spaces which can be designed around the shows.”

In addition to large-scale theatrical shows, the venue will host film screenings, exhibitions, concerts and international events.

Troubadour Theatres have advised that they will seek to work with the local and wider community to give opportunities to the next generation of talent. Troubadour White City Theatre aims to provide local employment and operation in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Going south, Catford’s oldest pub, the Black Horse and Harrow, has reopened after a refurbishment.

Its new name, Ninth Life, is founded on local cat themes and the idea that if humans had nine lives, the ninth needs to be the one that counts.

The Laine Pub Company's multi-level pub is to offer an Escape Room-based immersive theatre experience. Opening on 7 March, The Viewing sees a flat viewing led by an estate agent take an otherworldly turn.

Inspired by festival culture, music, film, games nights, drag-queen bingo, spoken word and art events will all feature in its programme which will have the local community at its centre.

Ninth Life is open now.