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London Mime Festival film programme

Published: 16 January 2022
Reporter: Vera Liber

Cold Credit: Kie Cummings

This year, the London International Mime Festival commissioned five short films, 3–5 minutes in length, from international artists not driven by spoken text.

The films are available to view on the Festival’s web site and YouTube channel.

5 Short Films features works by Delgado Fuchs (Switzerland), Dewey Dell (Italy), Gabriela Muñoz (Mexico), Hiroaki Umeda (Japan) and Patrick Sims (France / USA).

Also on offer are Open Sky Theatre's Cold, a dark fairy tale about love, grief, madness and redemption, and a collection of five independent short puppet films commissioned by Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Series, including three films made during the 2020 pandemic by Julie Elkins (Playing Opossum), Myra Su (Goodnight Shadow), and Vanessa Valliere (Gut Feelings) as well as films by Raymond Carr (Hitori) and Jonathan Langager (Cosmic Fling).