Maverick in call for donations to take shows to Edinburgh

Published: 26 July 2019
Reporter: Steve Orme

Kizzy Dunn in Hamlet - Horatio's Tale

Maverick Theatre Company is appealing for donations as it needs to find almost £30,000 to take two productions to the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe.

Maverick, which started in Birmingham, was reportedly the only company at Edinburgh in 2018 to have two productions in rep, Henry V – Lion of England and Hamlet – Horatio’s Tale. Both featured Kizzy Dunn while Hamlet – Horatio’s Tale included the voice of Sir Derek Jacobi as Old Hamlet.

In 2019, the company will take to Edinburgh Nick Hennigan’s Birmingham comedy-drama P.A.L.S., the story of four friends growing up in the city, and a Birmingham City v Aston Villa Romeo and Juliet.

Donations start at £25 and can be made at the Maverick Theatre Company web site.