Hamlet – Horatio's Tale

William Shakespeare, adapted by Nick Hennegan
Maverick Theatre
Assembly Rooms

Hamlet Horatio's Tale

Solo Hamlets seem to pop up almost every year in Edinburgh but this particularly professional hour still impresses.

Nick Hennegan has filleted the original in satisfying fashion, retaining much of the poetry and characterisation. His angle is unusual, witnessing events through the eyes of loyal Horatio, for whom he has written a series of short linking sections that do not detract from the original, even if the language is recognisably different.

The key though is an outstanding performance from Kizzy Dunn, who plays numerous parts with aplomb and easily distinguishes between them, though one or two accent choices may grate, especially a Canadian (?) Claudius. As a bonus, Hamlet's Ghost is voiced by Sir Derek Jacobi.

Under Hennegan's direction, the story thrills once again in one of those Edinburgh shows that fully meets expectations and should prove very popular.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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